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This interactive workshop is designed for those who desire to learn how to read tarot with a practice and play modality integrated with mastering the story teller in you!


This class is not intended to sit back and just listen. You will be entering a small online class environment and I will lead you with easy techniques to hone in on your intuition and quick ways to learn the structural meanings. This is your chance to become a tarot reader like no other!

The class is highly based on participation and openness. I am a teacher who believes you should be the one driving. So be ready to participate, deliver and have loads of fun! This is 4 weeks of classes, 2 practice mid weeks and the last week (5th Week) is final presentations! Yes! You get your time to shine!


Spring enrollment is now closed and in session. If you would like to be the first to know about the next enrollment, sign up on my email list.


"I have studied and taught in the metaphysical field for over a decade, and this was by far the most engaging and insightful class I have taken so far. Her teaching style brings students together to learn as a unit, so at the conclusion everyone is a network of friends and not just people that sign off and are gone. I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU Tanya. You have not only influenced my learning, but my future teaching as well."

Lisa Fry | My Mystical Life

"My initial impression of learning to read tarot cards was a bit intimidating, however upon taking the Harmonia Tarot Workshop had eased any anxious feelings I had previously had. Tanya gives very thorough instructions and makes learning tarot fun. Within a few weeks it was easy to pick up and memorize cards and utilize my own intuitive skills to interpret the meaning of them.  Taking the class is well worth it!"

Isis Kilmer

"Take the course, you won’t be disappointed!  Tanya has a way of teaching that goes beyond simply  memorizing a bunch of cards - she teaches you to tap into your intuition to bring the reading to life for your sitter.  It’s fun and you will meet an amazing group of life long friends."

Vicki McHale

"This was the first course I took to move forward in my spiritual journey and I’m so glad I did. Tanya was down to earth, supportive and made the class enjoyable.
Her hardcopy resources, hands-on activities, and group encouragement made it easy to feel comfortable participating with the group. I also made some new friends that I can now interact and share with.
I gained valuable insight, practices and information. I would definitely recommend taking a class with         Tanya Lea!."

Dolores Puccio

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