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Tanya Lea

Tanya Lea is an advocate of mindfulness, awareness & self-love. She has worked behind the scenes as a lady with many hidden talents (high priestess) as tv/video producer, writer, book reviewer, professional photographer and digital project manager for various entertainment & marketing industries.  Her entrepreneur skills led her to open a photography business for over 14 years and a passion for covering mystical events such as Comic Cons. However, there was always one question she asked (but don't we all ask this) "What's the point of all this?"  Going within was the only way and before she knew it she dedicated herself to meditation practices, mindfulness, shadow work and the secrets and powers of intuition. She moved from behind the scenes (in the shadows) to the front to help others see their light. 


Years of following her heart has led her to be; a motivational speaker, writer, podcaster (The BreakDown & Harmonia). While also shining as a shadow coach & mentor, psychic medium, intuitive tarot reader (Harmonia Tarot) on major social platforms (YouTube & Facebook).


As a psychic medium, she utilizes divination tools such as; tarot & oracle cards, automatic writing, mediumship & trance channeling to help you release blockages & guide you to whatever your heart desires. She is also a passionate teacher who believes in inner child work and playful activity to learn.  She offers beginner & advanced tarot workshops, while also teaching others how to connect to the dark side of themselves. With various courses on Shadow work (Mastering the Mirror) you can tap into all aspects of you. If you find you need help with self-worth, blockages, guidance on relationships or life purpose, or your own unique gifts, Tanya will help you connect to your inner truth & wisdom.

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