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Thoth Tarot Workshop 
4 Weeks Virtual Class Environment

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In this virtual workshop journey, Tanya Lea will guide you through an introductory look at the Thoth Deck System and the powers of utilizing this deck for self development work.


Once a week we will meet for the course in a virtual group setting. This will give you the ability to ask questions and to do practice readings as you get familiar with this deck.  Everything will be recorded for replay (if you can't make the live dates).


We will also be using Marco Polo a mobile chat app for accountability check ins throughout the course. So you can participate and get the extra help through fellow students and Tanya Lea. 


This class is not intended to go over every single card and in-depth meaning. This is to give you a brief intro to the Thoth history and showcase the differences to expand your toolbox. 


This course is intended to help the artist who may think linear to play with the multiverse (multiple timelines)! It's to strengthen your storyteller skills and utilize shadow work techniques to help you see your blockages and allow you to be creative,  and utilizing play with your inner child to help you to learn at quicker rate.


This class is highly based on participation and openness. I am a teacher who believes you should be the one driving.   So be ready to participate, deliver and have loads of fun!  

Materials Needed
  • Thoth Deck 

  • Understanding Thoth Tarot 

  • Marco Polo app on your phone (you will be recording & sharing readings for class within this app) (free app)

  • *All classes will be done over Zoom (video conference free app)


  • Taken a beginner tarot class or know the Rider Waite Deck System

Enrollment is Now CLOSED

Workshop Is Currently In Session. If you would like to be the first to be notified on next Workshop date, sign up for the email list.

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Northern Lights

Master Storytelling

  • Learn in-depth techniques on becoming the master storyteller.

  • Utilizing the magic of art within the tarot decks to tell the story.

  • Connect with your inner children and the mutliverse for your self development work and to help see your own blockages to help the collective messages. 

Northern Lights

Get More Knowledge

  • Introduction to Thoth deck system. Be ready to expand to universal and out of the linear timelines!

  • Learn to add depth to your readings with more than just oracle and other divination tools. Honing in on your unique psychic gifts.

Northern Lights

Support & Community

  • Virtual Group Community (interact with other workshop attendees and practice with one another. 

  • Two 30 min private session with Tanya to go over obstacles & personal reading goals (Pre & Post discussions).

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