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Mastering The Mirror

How often are you perceiving and putting others before yourself? Do you find that you:

  • Put yourself last and are exhausted?

  • Feel stuck and unhappy where you are in life?

  • Feel rejected and abandoned?

  • Have depression and body image issues?

  • Have anxiety and fears that leave you to procrastinate?

  • Are going through a bad break-up or divorce and feel lost?

  • Have health issues like an auto immune disease?

  • Are grieving over identity & loss of friend circle?

  • Are constantly comparing yourself and feeling bitter?


You may have some of the above or all of it. I'm here to tell you, that this is NORMAL and you are NOT ALONE. If you want to get to know  yourself in a whole new light, then this 30 day Mastermind Program of Mirror Work is for you! This isn't just about loving yourself, this is about claiming and getting to know all parts of you! Shadow work at its finest!

This detailed program will allow you to document your soul in a whole new level.  Collapsing all variations of YOU into one being to shine confidence, love and embracing your power!

This Mastermind Program will be back in 2024 (as it is an accountability program, based upon weekly check ins and course work) led by me. These are based upon small groups of 8.  To be the first to know when this program & schedule will be back, join my mailing list! 


The Time To Face Yourself is Now!

I See You. Now It's Your Turn!

Since 2012, I have been on the journey to self-discovery wanting to know the answers of why I was so unhappy.  What started off with just wanting to get out of a rut, turned out to be that I didn't really like myself at all. If fact, I was a bully to my own self.  From being behind the scenes (literally) as a photographer, videographer, marketeer and writer, I was successful from the outside. I was perceived by others of having it all. But I felt I had NOTHING! Like an empty void. It felt like Death. Truth of the matter was my life was falling apart. Rocky marriage, low self esteem, auto-immune disease, massive weight gain, depression, no real friends and mounds of financial debt. You name it. I had it.  During my self discovery I found the hidden magic of what it really was to look myself in the mirror & to document the changes utilizing vlogging, photography and journaling with the powers of Mirror Work. These techniques allowed me to see the importance of acceptance and what it was to actually FACE MYSELF!  I never expected to face myself in this level. But when I DID, I realized there was way more to what I could offer Myself & The World.  


Join A Community

Join a program that has like minded people with the support you need. Offering a private Marco Polo video chat group during your practices for extra support. 

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